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Film med høydepunkter fra WRC – 2018

av | 19. september 2018 | Åpne artikler

“Rose Sights & Sounds of 18th WRC 2018 Copenhagen
Capturing all the wonderful events in “Rose Sights and Sounds of “WRC2018″ was a priority project to preserve this – the events of this historic convention, our Golden Jubilee.
Not only for posterity and legacy – but also for those fortunate rose lovers who attended – to share with their societies and friends on returning home.

Planning an international event of this magnitude and complexity has been an absolutely glorious experience of a lifetime.
In writing the closing chapter on our “Fairy Tale of Roses”, what a wonderful story we all have to tell.

With the great support of The Danish Royal House, The Agency for Culture and Palaces and Wonderful Copenhagen, just to mention a few, the world famous rose breeders, the volunteers of the Danish Rose Society, and the attendance of over 600 registrants, we think we can all proudly declare this fairytale convention a great success!

More than 11.000 bottles of mineral water were sponsored by Roses-forever, who also gave us the ‘Friendship’ Forever Rose. Poulsen Roser gave us wine, the convention satchel and ‘The Fairy Tale Rose’.

The WRC2018 with pre-& post tours took place over 3 intense weeks, and we owe great thanks to our PCO, The Meeting Planners. More than 12.000 emails from rose lovers around the world and much more, was handled professionally and dedicated by Berrit, Mette, Heaven and Carina.

This audio-visual experience of the glory days spent in Denmark, is also a legacy from one generation to the next and speak volumes of who and what we stood for, our passion for roses and friendship, the way we enjoyed and shared our noble hobby – and above all else, our volunteer service to the rose.

On behalf of the members of the Danish Rose Society we hope you enjoy reliving World Rose Convention 2018.

You were all part of making Rose history. Thank you!

Click on the link to see the video: https://youtu.be/G1gAOzKXJU4